Have you joined Influenster?

Join, Influence and be Influenced!

I’ve been a member of Influenster since early 2012. When I joined, the site was limited to the United States but were accepting Canadian members for their upcoming Canadian Vox Boxes. I love the concept behind the site and waited eagerly for them to roll out to Canadians.

I was surprised and delighted to be picked for Canada’s first every VoxBox, called the Maple VoxBox. It had lots of goodies in it to try out like Ice Breaker’s Duos, Skinny Cow treats, imPRESS Nails, NYC cosmetics products, and a Montagne Jeunesse facial mask.  I love this type of box as it lets me try out different products that I haven’t tried before.

There have been several boxes that Influenster has sent out to Canadians so far. I’ve also received boxes for Garnier Fructise Damage Eraser, Lancome Grandiose Mascara, and imPress Nails from Broadway. I’ve also won a few prize packs from them for completing campaigns.

Not only do they send out exciting VoxBoxes with products to try, but they have a HUGE section for product reviews. I go here whenever I want feedback on a product I want to purchase. It has saved me from buying a few items that I wanted to try out and has influenced me to try products that I was on the fence about. They even have the awesome InfluensterApp that you can use on your mobile phone to help you make decisions while you are shopping! How neat is that!?

Sound like something you want to do?  Check them out at https://www.influenster.com. Want an invite? Just leave a comment below and I’ll send one to you ASAP.

Check out some of my past reviews for Influenster here:

Lancome Grandiose Mascara
Garnier Fructise Damage Eraser
Broadway imPRESS Nails
Broadway imPRESS Nails pt 2


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