Slowly but surely

I originally started out with Stronglifts 5 x 5 at the beginning of April with the intention to gain strength and burn fat.  I quickly realized that this isn’t a program I can maintain for safety reasons.  I do my workouts at home and the catches on my squat rack are a little too short for me to feel safe squatting. I plan on getting a power rack built in the future. I do my bench presses without collars so I can tilt if needed.

For now I am lifting at challenging weights so I can improve myself but not going for PRs.  I am now looking into different workout routines that can be used at home. I’d like to try a 3 day split or even a 5 day routine.  If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know.  Slowly but surely…

2015-06-18 23.09.10

Still use this great app though! If you are doing StrongLifts 5×5, I highly recommend getting it and paying to unlock the warmup and the plate math features. Makes it so much easier!


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