More about me: mental health issues

This is a post that I have wanted to make for sometime but didn’t know what to say or how to word it. I still don’t. I’m not a writer, but wanted to get my thoughts out. I have a lot of shame and embarrassment about it, and I know I should, but its there anyway. I think things like this should be talked about so others don’t feel so alone.

I have several different types of mental health issues. I will talk about the ones that I have officially been diagnosed with and add a bit of detail of each. There is so much to them that it would take me forever to write about them. I am being very short in my details.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD): This causes me to worry about everything. EVERYTHING! I feel like I can never relax because my mind races non-stop with worries that could be so silly at times. It causes me to have a lot of “what-ifs”, especially what-ifs that are related to specific fears I have.

Specific Phobia (Emetophobia) – This is a hard one to explain because I still am not exactly sure what exactly it is I am afraid of. Emetophobia can have a bunch of fears in it and some people have some of the fears and not the others or a mix of all. The fears are vomit, vomiting, nausea, others vomiting, vomiting in public, etc. My biggest fears out this category are of vomit, others vomiting, nausea, and vomiting in public. It is a phobia that I have had ever since I can remember, but it wasn’t a serious issue until I had kids and they had a 2 week bout of Norovirus. This is my biggest obstacle. The issue that has limited me most in my life and what I would consider that cause of my next issue, Agoraphobia.

Agoraphobia – It is hard for me to explain this. If you google it, you would get many different definitions for it, but for me it is the fear of going somewhere or doing something that will cause me to have a panic attack or feel any type of fear feeling. This is a tough one because I get anticipatory anxiety about the upcoming situations, so not only do I have a fear of having fear, I have a fear of the fear that I will be afraid. Confusing, I know 🙂 I believe the reason I have this one is because of Emetophobia. When I feel any type of fear feelings, I feel nauseated, which causes me to be afraid.

So those are the three I have been diagnosed with. I also believe I have social anxiety, but I haven’t officially been diagnosed with it. These issues have caused me to have a pretty limited life. I do not work as a result of it and have a hard time with confrontations. I am getting better though, and i believe I will continue to get better. I was once housebound due to the Agoraphobia, but I am getting more and more each day.

I am not taking medication (I did in the past, but no longer) and instead am trying to help myself with supplements, self-help therapies, fitness, diet, etc. The most beneficial for me so far has been energy therapies (EFT, TAT, BSFF), and release therapy (Sedona Method, Release Technique, David R. Hawkins). All of the work I have done so far has been on my own, and I would love to one day get sessions for any of these therapies to go deeper, but right now it isn’t in the budget.

Do you have any of these issues, as well? Do you have any recommendations, tips, etc for me to try out?  I’d LOVE to hear your experiences and thoughts.


4 thoughts on “More about me: mental health issues

  1. I have Anxiety pretty bad to the point I don’t leave my house for days on end for the fear of seeing something that will set my trigger off.
    I have a fear of anything in motion. My biggest worries involve swings, baseball bats (the sport of baseball itself), fast moving cars(I can’t go to the movies if it is an action movie with a car chase), and escalators. These are just a few random things. Seeing any of these makes my anxiety get high and I feel like my chest is closing in. I do not take medication and it is super tricky for me because I am trying for a baby. I have talked to a psychiatrist in my earlier years, but nothing beyond that.

    What calms me down is trying different breathing exercises and some one talking me down while whispering. Reading can help sometimes as well.

    It’s not fun and definitely gets in the way of life!


    • Wow, I can’t even imagine it! Do you know what started it, or was it always this way for you? I can’t think of any specific events that are the cause of my fears. I’ve had more luck with self-help methods than I have with with seeing a psychiatrist and medication actually made things worse for me.


  2. you are not alone Brenda and you are amazing ! I have a a phobia or 2 or 3 or 4… not fears real phobia’s. I dare not drive even though I drove for 30 years in the UK very limiting this one is, I’m also very nervous about crossing roads quiet ones busy ones any roads . I travel by train alone even though it makes me feel very uncomfortable at times and the rest of my family will fly or drive when we need to go places. I agree these things can and do get in the way of a normal life but what is a normal life anyway mmm Im loving reading your blog good luck honey x

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    • Thanks Jane! I don’t drive either. I’d love to though but the thought of the driving test with a stranger scares me! LOL. One day! Maybe I will go to driver’s ed with my son in a few years 🙂


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