I’m Getting My Own Room + Other Updates

No, not my own bedroom, but my own workout room! My own gym so to speak. I’m pretty excited about this!

We’ve decided to build a new garage this summer and originally I was going to have my own loft space for workouts but due to spacing and the weight amount, it was decided that instead of putting in a loft, we’d add length to make my own room. It won’t be overly big at 10 x 16, but big enough for me! In that space I will also be getting a homemade power rack built, so I will be able to do so much more. Right now I have a squat rack with safety pegs but I don’t feel safe with it.

It won’t be started or finished for a few months though.

Other than that, I have been taking it somewhat easy for the past week or two. I’ve started a new 4 day split routine and have been evaluating my macros. I’ve been adding in more fat to my diet and have been feeling more satiated as a result, but now I’m just waiting to see if that gives me an increase on the scale. Although Keto makes me feel so much better, I find it hard to get in a deficit with it to lose. I’ve been contemplating switching to a If it Fits Your Macros style of eating (IIFYM). We’ll see. Trial and error for now.

Since my kids have been out of school, I’ve had a pretty empty house. My boys are visiting their grandparents which is over 4 hours away. My oldest son comes home tomorrow and will be leaving again the day after for Army Cadet camp for three weeks. My youngest son decided to stay longer with his grandparents. So it is just me and the cats.

So that is about it. Nothing too exciting. Until next time…


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