I love bar soaps. I prefer using them over liquid soaps and body washes any day. I just find they make me feel cleaner in comparison. The problem with most bar soaps is that many leave a residue behind or leave my skin feeling stripped.

I was pretty excited to be offered the chance to try a bar of soap from I had the option of picking Sandalwood or Dead Sea Mud, and I chose to go with the Dead Sea Mud bar as I figured this would be the most beneficial for my skin during this time of year when my skin has been oily and I’ve been having breakouts.



Here is what the company says for the Dead Sea Mud bar:

“Dead Sea Mud – Purify your skin with powerful Dead Sea Mud minerals, renowned for their regenerative, healing properties. Relax as the soap washes away impurities and balances skin oils to give you a more radiant complexion, naturally.”

The bar, which is square, came in this cute little box. I just love the fun colours on it and the little window in it so you can see the bar peeking through. I really appreciate that the company lists the ingredients on the back of the packing. Notice that everything can be pronounced? All natural, organic ingredients. It’s soap that I can feel good about using on my skin, especially on delicate areas like my face.


To me, the soap smells similar to that of the liquid soap that you find in dispensers in public bathrooms. I actually like it, it smells fresh and clean.

The soap lathers up very nicely, which I like. It is a creamy leather. I prefer using a soap that lathers a lot as I feel it makes it easier to gauge how well it cleans when I use it.


After using the soap, my skin was left feeling clean. Not dry or tight, but comfortably clean. The breakouts I had been experiencing on my back and on my face have been clearing up, which I find pretty amazing. I’ve been using harsher soaps and creams in the last few weeks to help clear it up with no change at all, so I am pleased that this has been helping.

I only had one issue with the soap and that is that it is messy! It leaves black suds everywhere and temporarily stains my face cloth. It does come off easily though and is not fault of the company, it is just the type of soap it is.

I would highly recommend this soap from the and I look forward to trying more in the future. The prices are a little higher than I had ever paid for a bar of soap, but the bar very solid and after using it everyday on my body and face, it has barely changed in size. I suspect that a bar would last a very long time.  That and the fact that the soap is all natural, organic, handcrafted AND free of harsh chemicals, preservatives, artificial color or detergent makes it worth the price.

They have over 70 different soaps available on their website. You can choose to buy the soaps you want in their soap store or you can sign up for one of their specialized monthly soap plans which offers free shipping. I love how they list the skin care benefits for the ingredients in each soap.

You can find out more about the company and their soaps on their website.

*Disclaimer* I received the product to try at a heavily discounted price in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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