On the Hunt for the Perfect Fitness Band

I like wearing fitness bands. I like how they tell me approximately how many calories I am burning each day, how much I am moving, how much I am sleeping, etc.

For my first fitness band, I put a lot of effort into finding the band that would be the best fit for me. After months of looking, I settled on the BodyMedia Fit Link. I loved it. It had more sensors than other bands on the market and the studies showed that it was the most accurate tracker on the market. It did have some downfalls, like having to wear it on your upper left arm at all times (which left a dent in my bicep that is still there months later!) and it had some issues with syncing. It also had a monthly subscription fee of $, which I’d rather not pay. My band is currently on its last legs, it almost lasted 2 years though. I am looking for a replacement that has the same features and sensors.

2015-08-06 19.08.13

My BodyMedia Fit Link during its last days

So far I have found only two bands that have the same sensors that I want my new band to have (Galvanic Skin Response, and the Skin Temperature). A band with a heartrate monitor and accelerometer only like a FitBit won’t cut it for me.

One of the ones I found was the Microsoft Band, which I did purchase and resold because the smallest size was still way too big for me. Without it fitting snug, the accuracy was way off. It was a pretty nice band though that had many features. I just wish the wrist band was more adjustable. The Band 2 is in the works though, so maybe that will fix that issue.

The other band that I am currently looking at is the Jawbone UP 3, which is now available in Canada. Jawbone is the same company that now owns the BodyMedia Fit Link, so I assume it would be the closest match to what I want since it has the same sensors. The only problem is that reviews for the product and their customer service are for the most part, horrible.

So now the hunt is on for a new fitness band. Do you have any suggestions, recommendations? Anyone have any experience with the Jawbone UP 3? Please let me know in the comments 🙂


7 thoughts on “On the Hunt for the Perfect Fitness Band

    • Thanks! I love the interface that Jawbone has, it gets really good reviews. It seems like it would be great if the product didn’t fall apart or put itself in the wrong mode. I’m mostly wanting something for workouts that are pretty stationary like strength training, aerobics, etc. I usually do use Map My Walk when I walk outdoors. I want something that tracks my calories burned all day long as opposed to just during a session. Right now I am using the Wahoo Heartrate monitor, which I love, but it is really only for sessions.

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  1. I followed 🙂 iWatch is something I have my eye on but it is kinda pricy. I may wait until the next gen comes out so it fixes some issues.


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