My Twitter Account was Hacked :(

Well, so far it has been a rough start to this month.

A few days ago I had formatted my computer to try and solve some hardware issues I had been having. After formatting I had downloaded an older version of software (not pirated) from a site that had it hosted on a file hosting site, before I had my virus scanner installed. I immediately downloaded my scanner, scanned and sure enough there was malware in it. I cleaned it up and never thought nothing of it after since my computer had been just formatted and was relatively clean as a result, I thought I was safe.

Until today. Chrome had crashed and my PC locked up while I was busy doing a few things. When I managed to get back in, I had noticed I had 1 tweet remaining in my account 😦 6 years of tweets…gone 😦

I had checked my authorized apps and there were a few tweet deletion apps there with UK ip addresses, and one from Germany.

I feel so sick about this. I had a lot of important tweets. My tweets for reviews, tweets to friends, etc. I like to enter contests too, so all my tweets for entries are gone.

I really hope this isn’t a preview of my month to come 😦

Update:  It seems as though most tweets from August are forever gone and the older ones from before August are still showing in my tweet count and can be seen if I have a direct link to them but nothing prior to September 1st shows in my Twitter timeline. Everything has now been scanned and cleaned and password changed, so fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen again!


5 thoughts on “My Twitter Account was Hacked :(

    • Thanks gene! I usually only authorize trusted apps. I didn’t authorize any of the apps that I found yesterday, it seems like it was the result of whoever was in my account.


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