Anxiety and Aspergers?

School season has always brought on a lot of anxiety for me. Not only is it cold, flu, and stomach bug season (which is pretty scary for an emetophobe!) but it also brings on a lot of anxiety for me when it comes to my youngest son who seems to struggle in school.

My 12 year old son had been diagnosed with social anxiety last year. He had been prescribed Prozac by the child psychiatrist to help aid him with therapy. I was reluctant to let him try it. Eventually I gave in, and he did well on it for a few months. Nearly a year went by with him being on the therapy wait list and the medication was no longer doing anything for him, except causing him to gain weight. The therapist he is supposed to see recommended he try a new type of therapy that is home based and done through sessions over the phone. We decided to try it.

I gave my son the material to look at in preparation for his upcoming sessions. I asked him about it a few days later and he teared up and said that he didn’t understand any of it. None of it. He said he doesn’t know what anxiety is, and when I explained it he said he didn’t get anything like that. He just has trouble with with talking to people and such.

To make a long story short, I ended up doing a bit of research with the “symptoms” he displays. It led me to many articles on Aspergers which shocked me when I read them, because he has most of the signs. I actually do too. I showed my husband and he agreed that he seemed to be a match. We are now waiting to see the psychiatrist to be evaluated.

I am terrified over this.I feel so lost and feel like I don’t know what to do or where to start. I’ve read all I can about Aspergers. I know individuals who have it are high functioning and lead a somewhat normal life. My issue is with the school and health care systems in my area. He will most likely be put back on a waiting list for any type of therapy. The school here was of no help at all when it came to social anxiety, and I’m thinking they won’t be much help if he does get an Aspergers diagnosis. A family member of mine who is a teacher’s aid at a school here said she believes the school will not offer help unless the child is medicated. He needs the help. He has a hard time with instructions, organization, directions, motor skill and writing.

I really do not want my son to be on medication. Not right now anyways. Right now it isn’t helping him at all. He is gaining weight despite watching his calories and getting him active.  I don’t want him to gain so much that it affects his self esteem. He was also prescribed a ADD medication which the doctor says should help counter the weight gain since it will cause him to lose his appetite. I don’t want this to be the solution.

Anyways, that is that. I’m sorry if my thoughts are all over the place. I’m just trying to make sense of everything that is in my head. I have so much to write but my brain is working overtime 🙂

I’m looking for all the help I can get right now. Do you have Aspergers or have a child with Aspergers? Were you/they able to get help in school easily? Are you/they on medication? What is your biggest struggle? What helped the most? Thanks so much!


2 thoughts on “Anxiety and Aspergers?

  1. My son has aspergers, although now they just call it autism as they put it all under the same umbrella. He has alot of social anxiety and we are still struggling trying to get him through school. We had no luck in public school so we tried open learning school but he has now aged out of that so he is in adult education. They insisted we try antidepressants to help with the anxiety but had no luck with them at all so we are currently lowering his dose and will soon have him off them altogether. If we hadnt tried them then they would have always said if we just had tried the medication . blah blah so now at least they will stop pushing the meds on us. I started trying to get help for my son around the age of 6 and at the time they thought he had touerettes. But his tics went away around puberty but not the anxiety etc. Then they said anxiety depression , social phobia etc. He does has those things but the underlying cause was the autism(aspergers). He is very smart , more so than most but I can hardly get him to leave the house and right now his ever graduating seems like a very far off dream if ever. I have been to more specialists , doctors , councelors etc than I can count in the last few years . All I know is they keep saying the younger they get help the better the outcome and unfortunately while I was taking him in every few years since he was small trying to figure out what was wrong they didnt catch it in time and now that he is 18 trying to change things is going to be extremely difficult. I understand your struggle and it will be a long haul I am afraid. If you find anything that helps I would appreciate knowing about it as I have pretty much exhausted everything there is to do


    • Thank you for your comment, Stacy. I won’t go into much since we had a discussion on Facebook, but it is nice to have people that just get what I am going through.


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