Update on my son and life.

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I posted and thought I just give a little update on my son.

Not a whole lot has changed since his Asperger’s diagnosis. He was also diagnosed with a dust mite and cat/feather allergy, but this was something we had suspected since it started about a year ago…yes, it had taken that long to get an allergy test done. He was a little nervous about this since we have 3 cats that he adores and worried that we would have to give them away, but the doctor said there was no need with a daily allergy pill.

We are still waiting on the Special Services at school to come up with IEP, it is slower than I’d like, but he has been doing well enough in school despite it. His marks are a little lower in areas that he struggles with, mostly language arts and anywhere else he has to participate as a group. He is really good at math, but at first struggled with Algebra since most of the that was written instructions which he has a hard time with. Since I helped him understand how it worked (I’m ashamed to say I had to re-learn it first LOL) he has been getting good marks.

He has been doing well in his distance “therapy”. He struggles with some of the work because it is more suited for NT children. He has anxiety but has a hard time with describing it or telling us reasons or causes for it. Many of our questions are answered with “I don’t know!”. It is pretty frustrating. I think most of his issue is with his self esteem and confidence, which this program doesn’t seem to address, but I’ve been trying to help him with that myself.  He has joined the cadet program and faced one of his biggest challenges and fears, which was marching in parade night. He has so many fears of messing up or being inspected. As a mother who struggles with the same fears, I find this to be overwhelming for me as I feel a lot of empathy and fear for him at the same time.

So much of life has taken me away from a lot of what I enjoy doing. I’ve been slack with my fitness routine. I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like. I feel a little overwhelmed and down lately, but thing seem to be falling into place as time goes on. I’ve been writing down 5 things I am grateful for each day and it helps take a lot of the focus off the negative and put it on the positive. It really makes you realize that there are so many little things that we have and experience that we take for granted. 🙂

So that is it. Not a whole lot of change but things are starting to look up.

Thanks for reading!


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