Review of Lise Watier HydraForce Hydra-Protective Comforting Crème #getinthebubble

A few weeks ago I was sent the Lise Watier HydraForce Hydra-Protective Comforting Crème to try out from Glam Sense in exchange for my honest review. It came with a numeric corneometer that you can use with your smartphone to detect your skin’s current moisture levels so you can monitor the effectiveness of the product.

2016-04-26 19.33.58.png


Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful at getting the Hydra-Detect application and device to do a reading on my iPhone. Hopefully it is an issue that will be resolved in the future because I think it is a neat idea to be able to check the moisture levels.

2016-04-26 19.36.02.png

The cream is very nicely scented. It goes on really well and leaves my skin feeling really hydrated, but I find that it doesn’t absorb as well as I would like. I have normal to combination skin and have some areas that have been feeling parched, but it was still a little too heavy for my skin. I had to blot the excess off whenever I used it. A few days after using it, I noticed I was getting some minor breakouts and the only thing that I have changed in my routine is this cream

So sadly, this cream didn’t work for me. I think the gel formulation may be best suited for my skin. If you are someone who has severely dry skin, I think it may work great for you.


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